INOXPA always complies with the strictest International Standards

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INOXPA always complies with the strictest International Standards

Founded in Banyoles, Spain, INOXPA is renowned and long-standing business group specialised in the manufacture and sale of stainless steel fluid handling components and equipment, management of processes and services in the food-processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

After more than 50 years of establishment and development, along with a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, INOXPA has quickly penetrated markets worldwide without compromising product quality by always comply with the most stringent international standards. Let’t learn with Khanh Anh Company about the international standards that INOXPA constantly pursues through the article below!

EHEDG means European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group. This EHEDG standard states clearly: Ensuring food quality and safety is a core factor for development in the food industry. Hygienic design and maintenance of production systems are prerequisites for meeting these standards.

If a device is certified to the EHEDG Standard it means it has been manufactured to the highest level of standards (including technical specifications, design standards and build quality) and Consumers can safely choose those devices for their applications in the manufacturing, food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Therefore, the EHEDG Standard was born to improve food hygiene and safety by promoting hygiene issues during food production and processing in factories. It is currently used in the United States and Europe to prevent food contamination and keep supplies safe.

EHEDG Standard

Be aware of the importance of ensuring food quality and safety for consumer health, since its establishment, INOXPA Group has continuosly invested in R&D to adjust products to better suit new applications and follow the approved EHEDG Standard guidelines to ensure the quality and suitability of products (pumps, agitators, mixers, valves, product recovery systems, pasteurizers, mixing tables, CIP slides, and other accessories) for each industry.

The 3-A Sanitary Standards are American standards related to the design and production of equipment intended for contact with food. The aim of the 3-A Sanitary Standards is to protect consumers from potential risks of food contamination. The primary purpose of the 3-A Sanitary Standards is to ensure that all the parts of an equipment are properly cleaned and sanitized in order to avoid any creation of bacterial charge. As part of the equipment, rubber or plastic hoses enter into this type of evaluation and find in the 3-A Sanitary Standards dedicated chapters and testing methods.

3A Sanitary Standards

Tests for compliance with 3-A are carried out through the use of simulants that reproduce the most popular cleaning and sterilization methods but at accelerated working conditions. The goal is to verify the behavior of the rubber or plastic materials tested in contact with these agents.

At INOXPA, the group has recognized the importance of 3A Sanitary Standards and has implemented them into the cleaning and disinfection process of products to ensure the best results for customers. By choosing to buy products from the INOXPA brand at Khanh Anh company, you can be completely assured that your products are being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to prevent pollution and ensure quality, there’s no accumulation of bacteria in any parts of the product.

ATEX is not just a name, but also a phrase commonly used to refer to both certification and standards related to the safety of products when used in hazardous environments.

ATEX is the abbreviation for “Atmospheres Explosibles” in French. The ATEX Directive applies to organizations operating within the European Union (EU), this is an important set of rules, defining specific requirements to ensure safety and fire prevention, supporting the management Risk management in industries that are particularly sensitive to explosive environments.

In some workplaces there may be gases, dust or vapors in the air. If these materials ignite, an explosion could occur, causing damage and injury to both workers and equipment. So, ATEX was born to prevent or minimize explosions in these environments.

In order to operate its factory in the safest way and minimize risks to workers and equipment, INOXPA has always complied with the ATEX directive 2014/34/EU for its products.

ATEX Standards

CE stands for Conformité Européenne, which means ‘Conforming to European Standards’, this is a European Union (EU) safety directive that shows that the product has passed certain tests. The CE certificate is considered a product’s commercial passport, helping the product pass through the EU market and the EFTA Free Trade Association, as well as being very valuable to many countries around the world.

Products bearing the CE mark mean that the product has been tested and evaluated before being released to the market, and that the product has met EU requirements for health safety and the environment. Therefore, CE certification is considered a symbol of safety, health and environmental standards for products.

To conquer the European market and expand globally, INOXPA has been granted CE certification for all of its products, thereby helping INOXPA reach many potential customers around the world. , gradually asserting its competitive position.

Hình ảnh này chưa có thuộc tính alt; tên tệp của nó là CE-la-gi-1.jpg

UKCA stands for “UK Conformity Assessed”, used as a certification standard to confirm that a product meets the safety, environmental and health requirements for use in the United Kingdom (UK). ) or not.

The UKCA standard was established after the UK left the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020 and fully applies from 1 January 2021. Before that, products included in The UK market must comply with European Union CE standards.

UKCA is applicable to a wide range of products, including industrial products, electronics, machinery, medical equipment, electrical equipment, construction products and many other sectors. Compliance with UKCA standards is a mandatory condition for placing a product on the UK market and confirms that the product meets the technical, safety, environmental and health requirements set out by UK law.

UKCA Standard

With strict commitments to quality, safety in use and always complying with international standards in its product manufacturing processes, INOXPA is increasingly asserting its position in the competitive market internationally, trusted and chosen by many customers for their applications.

Khanh Anh Company is proud to be the official distributor of hygienic pumps, hygienic valves, mixers, stirrers, etc. of the INOXPA brand since 2000 until now. If you have any questions or requests, don’t hesitate to contact Khanh Anh immediately to receive the most dedicated advice from our technical team!

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